My stuff
My little personal performance in the world wide web. Over there you’ll basically find a lot of drawings, because I love it to draw.

My DeviantArt gallery. You find most of the same stuff like on my personal homepage and sometimes I even write something in the journal there. Wow!

Tweet tweet! Yes, I'm on Twitter, too!

Other cool places
A blog about a boy who collects bones since the age of six. His level of know-how is as amazing as his bone collection! Each week he will write something about his findings or the beautiful animals which can be seen in Scotland. An impressive blog!
If you have found a feather but you don't know of what kind of bird it comes from then you should visit this page! This site is written in German but dont' care about that. Just enter the latin name of the bird in the search box and you will get wath you want ;)
 A page about bird of prey skulls and bones.
I’m always up to learning something new, especially when it’s related to one of my hobbies. I recently found these short and funny YouTube videos called “The brain scoop” in the endless space of internet and I want to share them with you. Sometimes you’ll see blood or some guts, because Emily is doing taxidermy stuff, but you get a warning before the show starts.
A Blog about the "Vulture Culture". Different people show pictures of their collections, findings and other bone/taxidermy related stuff. Maybe you will find some new friends and answers there.

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