Sonntag, 26. August 2012

What a day!


Hello thar! This weekend I saw a whole bunch of beautiful animals, because I visited the wild park in Arth Goldau. There I bought one of the most interesting skulls I own, but I tell you this funny story next time. Today I want to show you some nice photos of an amazing and rare spider and some other pictures of cool animals. Please read more under the cut.

My father spotted this giant and extremely beautiful wasp spider in the garden of our neighbour. The last time I‘ve seen such a spider was in my teenage years and so it was something very special to me. Look how big she is, her body was about 2cm or even more! A real monster! I hope that she will find a mate so that we’ll have a lot of baby wasp spiders next year <3

In the German language we call it zebra spider.
Later I went to the snake pond, because I wanted to see some ring snakes again. And there they are! I saw three of these cute snakes. Unfortunately they saw me first and so they scurried away very fast. Only one ring snake was relaxing on a stone, so I was able to take a picture.

It was about 30cm long. Cute!
But you can explore much more than only snakes on a pond - amazing insects for example.

I think it is a Aeshna cyanea
A hover fly.

Another hover fly.
Or baby lizards.

And while I stalked through some trees a nagging noise suddenly started from above. First I was thinking about a foreign bird, but then I saw a squirrel in the trees, wagging with its tail and rant like hell. It seems that it doesn’t approve of my presence. At this place I’ve never experienced that before.

Bad photo - I know.
As I went home with the train again, I saw three foxes while looking trough the window. What a view! YAY! I think they were siblings or mother with adult cubs. How bright the orange fur was, that was beautiful.
Yes, today was a wonderful day and I hope that the memory of this day stays for a long time in my heart. <3

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