Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012


Those four fellas belong to my crew now. The father of my BF was cleaning up his office and found these old but wonderful butterflies. It would be a blame to throw them away so he asked me if I would like these insects. I said yes, because it would be very rude to say no, ahem… ;) In spite of their age the butterflies are in a very good condition and after cleaning the glass and brass framing they look like new! But it was not the first time that I got a butterfly like those four. You’ll find the story about how I got my first exotic butterfly and many photos under the cut.

First of all I want to introduce you with my “Furious Four”! In the frame with the big black butterfly I found an empty cocoon that didn’t belong, maybe coming from the dreaded “Anthrenus museorum” or museum bug. I hope it is dead now, because I don’t need some of those in my room (it eats death insects and feathers!).

Idea leuconoe. Female. Habitat: Formosa (South America, I guess).
Lachnoptera columbina. Male. Habitat: Kamerun.
Papilio iswara. Male. Habitat: Malaysia.
Perrhybris pamela. Male. Habitat: Peru.
Butterflies are so beautiful, especially the exotic ones!

The special one I allready had: Papilio weiskei. Gender unknown. Habitat: New-Guinea.
This butterfly is very special, because I will never forget its background-story: As I was a Teenager I was allowed to own knifes called butterfly (jack-knifes). My mom found such a knife and so it was my companion in my backpack. Just after I turned 18 the butterfly knifes were forbidden by law, but I didn’t know it! So my family and I went to vacation and on the airport. The security personal eventually found my jack-knife and phased me out, oh my! They let me fly though but I had to leave my knife forever and had to pay a terrifying forfeit… Ouch. At Christmas I got this beautiful butterfly and a little knife from my godfather xD

I don’t know where on my walls I should hang all those insects anymore. I don’t have that much free space anymore. Hm, let’s see…

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