Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

The colors of the earthbound

It is still warm, now and then even hot but autumn finally has arrived. I love this time of the year! The leaves get their warm colors and the sunlight shines more golden than ever. When it is still warm like this the time of the fat garden spiders has come. The mature females are full of eggs right now making them truly big and grand animals. Ok, for some people it’s the pure horror…
I went spider-stalking today but there were a lot of other cool animals as well. Marvel at all the monsters and beauties under the cut.

Most of the flowers are withered by now, but some are still blossoming – take  the physalis for example. Look at those bright orange lanterns - oh, I wish I had some of these in my own pots!

Or the marigold! These flowers shine orange as well (and sometimes yellow). The best thing about withered flowers is that you can find a lot of their seeds. Collector’s instinct ahoy!

But now it’s time for animal pictures! At first I told you about fat spiders but I think it’s better to show you the other, “easier on the eyes” animals first. Let’s start with butterflies!

Comma butterly.
The same butterfly again.
Red admiral.
Lasiommata megera
It plays hide and seek ;)
Thats a rare one: Hummingbird hawkmoth!
Graphosoma lineatum. A handsome bug.
Now let’s have a look at the attraction of the day: “Pregnant” garden spiders! YAY! People with arachnophobia please switch to a Disney page now ;)

So, enough of giant monster spiders. I hope you enjoyed my big photo post. Next time I will write about some skulls again :)

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