Montag, 19. November 2012

Antelopes, part one

Kudu? Red hartebeest?
Actually there is not much to say about my kudu and red hartebeest trophy. I wanted them and so I bought them. When I was about 20 years old I was fascinated by the horns of the red hartebeest. I really wanted such a trophy in my room. But as I got the chance to buy these horns I changed my mind and took the kudu horns instead. Please read more under the cut.

Yeah, kudus are large antelopes and only the males wear horns. I really love big horns or big antlers, because they impress me very much. I think they simply are sex symbols for me xD
I ordered my kudu horns in my shop where I still work. We once had a very nice supplier, a Swiss who emigrated to South Africa. Altough it was so easy to order it took months until I finally got my kudu. Now it hangs in my bedroom, right next to the ibex.

Big kudu horns.
Did you know: In South Africa you can eat kudu meat. It tastes not bad at all.
Probably it was the size of the horns which changed my mind. But now, about ten years later, I finally got my red hartebeest horns, yay! I bought them on Ebay and it even wasn’t that expensive.

The red hartebeest!
Both male and female wear horns.
Aside from the red hartebeest and the kudu I also own some more antelope horns. But I will write about them some other day. Stay tuned!

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