Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013


Since I was a small child I loved and feared snakes. Let’s face it, snakes are simply fascinating! A good friend of mine and her father own a lot of snakes, even a few pythons. So I got some experience with these constrictor snakes. During my life I didn’t only get experienced with snakes but also collected some very cool python stuff as well! In Africa I once spotted a wild python in a pond, right next to our breakfast buffet xD Have a look at my python exhibits under the cut!

When I was in my apprenticeship many years ago there was a thrift shop on my duty stroke. One day there was a huge pale python skin for sale and it was a must have for me! I asked the shopkeeper about the price. As she told me the price I must’ve looked very shocked, because she instantly reduced it. In the end we met at a fair and affordable price considering my low apprentice wage. I’m still very proud of this skin which belongs to the Northern African Rock Python (Python sebae), one of the biggest snakes of the world!

About two meters long!
It must be an old skin, it is faded.
Something you can see more often than snake skins are castings of the skin. You can get hold of these when pet shop with snakes or a friend with a pet snakes  nearby. My casting of the skin belongs to the huge carpet python (Morelia spilota variegate) which I hold in my arms on the picture above. Gosh, that animal was heavy and very powerful!

The royal pythons from my friends got some offspring: The female laid three leathery eggs! Awww, they were so cute! After hatching the father of my friend cleaned the eggs and so two of them found their way in my collection. YAY! The eggs are bigger than a normal chicken egg.

About 8cm.
Awwwww <3
It’s still a big wish of mine to own a complete big python skull. But my trusted taxidermist helped me out with some jaw bones and a half damaged skull he didn’t need anymore. He is so friendly. Look at those teeth, they still are extremely pointy! And I didn’t know that pythons have two sets of upper jaws, that’s creepy! Unfortunately I don’t know the type of python this skull belongs to. But I’m so happy with these skull parts!

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