Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

Strange little skull

Look at this, what’s that? Is that a skull of a new species?
When I found this little bugger on a dung pile long time ago I was very amazed. I’ve never held such a crazy thing in my hands before so I was wondering what kind of animal it was. I had the wildest ideas about that skull. Haha, I was such a fool! Find the solution and more pictures under the cut!

The skull is about 8cm long and looks like a freak. The surface is puckered and there is no hole for the nose. But the little knob on it looks like a nose, right? Also there were no skull plates which are fused together unlike other mammal skulls. But there’s a foramen magnum so it had a brain (at least).

No teeth - the bottom side looks strange as well. It looks like two skulls fused together! Was it a nonviable teratism?!

I didn’t get it so I sent the skull to a museum. I was so exited when the skull came back with a small letter from the museums taxidermist. There was written: Dude, that’s the skull of a Chinese goose! Ok, it wasn’t written like that, but I was so flabbergasted!

Chinese geese. Picture from Wikipedia.
But yeah, it makes sense. The skull has no teeth, the eye sockets look like those from a bird, no visible fused skull plates and the whole skull is very light. Only the beak is missing and that’s why I didn’t have a clue. To my defence I have to say: There were no skull and bone pages or blogs in the internet when I found that skull. But now I know much more ;)

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