Montag, 14. April 2014

Bird bird, bird is the word...

I'm still lazy and I have a lot to do with gardening and spring cleaning. But I can't do that all the time so I visited the shores of Rapperswil and the Greifensee for birding. Both shores are very interesting for seeing birds and I was lucky to see a lot of them. Curious? See the pictures under the cut!

Let's start with the waterfowl I saw in Rapperswil.

Mute swan.
It was cleaning its plumage.
Eiders!!!! :D
Female eider duck. I really like this photo!
A beautiful domestic duck was there too.
A white male domestic duck. I think it found its way out of a shelter.
A "lion bird" - a great crestes grebe.
I found some worms in a pond... Ewww.
Now we come to the more interesting part: The birds from the Greifensee.

There were a lot of them. Normally these ducks rest  here over winter and leave in spring but it seems that some of them decided to stay here.
Cormorants. There were also many of these sea ravens.
A heron with a big frog - yummi.
Breeding season by family stork. Is there a baby in the nest?
Oh my gosh, there live beavers, too!
Comma butterfly.
I really enjoy spring time. The first snails, flowers or swallows... It's always a nice thing to see. I will write about dead stuff the next time, I promise.

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