Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

The frenzy!

Oh boy! Oh my! I GOT IT!
Excuse my enthusiasm, but I’ve waited a long time to hold THIS amazing hide in my dirty claws. And I think you won’t believe me anymore when I say “I’m not into fur at all”. I really have to admit that there are a few hides and furs in my living room *cough*. Eh, but read the story how I got that hyena (crocuta crocuta) under the cut and there are a lot of pictures as well. Horrido!

I’m interested in hunting and since I’m together with my boyfriend I read the hunting magazine issues of his dad. Next to the interesting stories, hunting tips and tricks there is also an advertisement area in these magazines. We were in Germany when I read such an ad and so I found one of an older man who sold some old rugs and furs which he bought in Africa about 40 years ago.
I started drooling over that advert and thus on the very next day I called that man. He was very friendly, mailed (not emailed!) me pictures and after some additional phone calls we settled for a price. It wasn’t expensive, but nor it was cheap. He sent me the hyena to the address in Germany but unfortunately we had to go back to Switzerland before the hide arrived.
Now I had to wait until my boyfriend went back to Germany and it took about one month. One loooong month. A picture of the hide was on my place in the kitchen all the time, so I was able to lament over it *sigh*. But finally, now, I have it!

But enough of this mindless babbling, let’s have some pictures!
Oh, look at these cute spots! I really love the pattern of the fur. And it’s so soft! “pets pets*

The paws. Some claws are missing, but I think that’s ok. But look at these claws! *slobber*

It’s an old hide. It isn’t hard or brittle, but it has some holes in it. That’s bad and a shame, but what should I do? Nothing lasts forever.

The tail, tehe! <3

Derp face. Too bad it hasn’t a cool mounted face. Also it does not have proper ears as well. Seriously, the face looks like a steamroller drove over it. But I love you, hyena <3
The face isn't complete at all.

Hyena vs. red fox.
I really don’t know if this animal was a male or a female. Nor do I know if it was an old or a young animal. Without the tail the hide is about 110cm long.

I’m very happy and thankful for my hyena hide. I’ve been wanting such a piece for several years now and suddenly I got the chance! You should never ever bury your dreams.

In Africa I didn’t had the chance to see a spotted hyena alive, but I heard one yowling during the night. It was amazing and I think these animals have a very unique voice. People think that hyenas are dumb scavengers, but they aren’t. These animals are amazing, especially the females which rule the pack. Oh yes, mother nature did a good job with the spotted hyenas ;)

Oh, for your interest: It isn’t illegal for me to own that hide and it doesn’t need CITES papers. YAY! I also got my hyena skull (wrote about it here) on the same way like I got the hide. Now I only need a fine lioness rug in my living room. Oh yesssss, that would be great!

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