Sonntag, 11. Januar 2015

Little Monkey

I don't like monkeys. Sure, the little ones look quite cute and even the bigger ones aren't that ugly, but... I don't like them too much. Maybe it's because they remind me of humans. And I don't like humans all that much either... xD
Ok, back to the topic. There's also a little story behind this skull and indeed it is a special skull. More pictures and words under the cut!

There's a little shop in Zurich called 'Wunderkammer' (chamber of wonders). As the name says there are many odd things like taxidermy, antiques, curios and much more. Said shop isn't that big and not really in the middle of the city, so it has abnormal opening hours. From my home I need about an hour to that shop so I looked on their homepage if the shop's open and after that I went out. I was so excited and full of anticipation - but the shop was closed. Duh!
I went home and vented my anger on the shop keeper via mail, which got me a gift coupon. YAY! So I went again and this time I found that odd monkey skull.

I don't know from what kind of monkey the skull came from and the shop keeper didn't know it either. But it was a small animal. Maybe it was something similar like a squirrel monkey. And there was also no lower jaw.

The animal had a strange kind of bone disease. The whole skull looks brittle, but the teeth look all right. There are none missing and they don't look worn down to me. So I think the animal wasn't that old when it died.

Some of my fox skulls show a similar kind of bone disease, but only on a few spots. I think the whole skeleton of this monkey was that brittle could've caused its death.

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