Sonntag, 22. März 2015

A declaration of love to the foalfoot

Attention! This is a huge photo post of an obsessed one!
Spring is here and I enjoy the warm weather so much. The birds are singing, a sweet breeze blows and the early flowers bloom. Especially one flower grew its roots into my heart: the foalfoot. A few years ago I never paid attention to this bright yellow flower, but now... I don't know what changed my mind. But beware, there are also animals in my post... explore them under the cut!

I decided to explore a little ground strip between the motorway and a bypass street. That doesn't sound very exciting, but the place itself was very beautiful, because it was recultivated with a stream and a few little pools around it. And there, in the nutrient-poor ground, grew a lot of foalfoots! I was in paradise x3

I felt like Dagobert Duck surrounded by gold. I took so many photos!

 Then I spotted some insects, which looked very nice together with the flowers, too.




Foalfoots are very modest, they don't need much. But they are early birds amongst flowers. Their flower grows first, and after that blooming the leafs start to grow. So their seed get the best place before other flowers spread their seeds around. Sounds kind of bawdy...

After a while the two pools caught my attention. There was a grass frog in one of them. I guess it was a male, waiting for females. There were also a lot of spawns, even hatched ones! Oh, I love polliwogs <3




Paying attention to the smallest things is always a pleasure for me. So I was sitting by the pool as suddenly a movement stroke me up: a small larva of a dragonfly was moving! Its camouflage was stunning! And there were even three more!

Do you see it? ;)

If you made it through every photo you deserve a cookie. And I'm sorry for that mass of foalfoot pictures, but I'm so in love with that flower! ;_;
And it was a very beautiful day, I can't wait to visit the snake pond soon. But I have also to write about a skull, too. Next time! ;)

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