Samstag, 27. Juni 2015

Small little jawbones

There are many good reasons to stare into a hedge like crazy. One of them is to find bones. Pet cats tend to eat their prey (mostly birds and mice) on a safe place, like a hedge near their home. Sometimes there are leftovers - perfect for vultures like me.
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When I'm alone I often take the time to look under bushes or into hedges. Small bones often look like little branches, they aren't easy to spot. But sometimes it's like if they are yelling "OVA HEAAA!!!". So, now I found three different lower jawbone pieces of rodents. Rodents? Na, not really! Let's start with the smallest.

This little jawbone is a bit more than a 1cm long. It's a wonder that I found it. As you can see very easily, the teeth look like the ones of a predator. And the front incisor isn't orange/yellow like by other rodents. The jaw is also too small for a mole, so there's only one animal left: the shrew!

This jawbone is from a "real" mouse. It's very easy to identify, because their molars look like human molars. This fella was an older one, because the molars are worn down.

Due to the size of the jawbone I think it's the jawbone of a wood mouse. But I'm not sure!

Last but not least is the big jawbone of a vole. I think it was also an older individual, because the molar in the back is pretty worn down. It seems that this vole used their teeth irregularly, because the front molar is still in good shape.
Voles can grow very large.

My very first entry was about how to tell mice skulls apart and I wrote about the teeth as well. It's almost the same, but with skulls. Please have a look.

If you have more good information about vole and mice teeth, please let me know! :)

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