Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017

Spring Snakes!

Spring was strange so far. First it was very warm, even dry (we had forest fires) and than winter came back. Warm and very cold days rotated but now spring is here - finally. I managed it to visit my beloved snakes and took some photos of them and other creatures. Have a look under the cut.

For me it's always a happening to see some ring snakes. After the winter I'm desperately in need of them... In my spring break (which also included cold weather and raaaaain *sigh*) I spent my days mostly by the pond. One day was very windy (70km/h) and everything by the pond was in motion: the plants, my hair (mostly in front of my eyes) and even my body was swinging in the wind. On windy days the snakes are in their hideouts, but I tracked them - ha!

I also saw the water shrew again! Wath an adorable little animal <3 But also a very nervous one. Too fast for me and my camera. But now let's see what I got for you...

There are plenty of ring snakes in that pond, no wonder there are no frogs and only a handful newts around. Some of the snakes are small babys, others are thin but long and there are also a few very thick ones. The pictures above and beneath show you a big female ringsnake.

The big ones are clever and don't show up that often. Maybe they take their sunbath in the water reed, where I can't follow them. Baby ring snakes and smaller ones show up more often.



The pond where these snake live is popular. It lays next to a little street with a cable railway, surrounded by the river and a mountain forest - idyllic. Oftentimes bikers and hikers make a flying visit to this pond. Due to that the snakes aren't as shy as at other ponds. I was reading a book while a middle large ring snake snuk up very close to me. One single move and probably my smell made it leave again. But the snake didn't rush away, it just was suspicious so it moved away.

Ponds are life, ponds are love. You can find so many plants and animals if you just open your eyes <3

I hope I can enjoy many more days at that pond in near future. And I hope, that I will take a photo of that evasive water shrew as well! And some more snake photos <3

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