Dienstag, 19. Juni 2018

The "bigger photo post" I promised...

Coming soon, she said. Big photo post, she said. Ok, I'm sorry that I always need so much time for such simple things. But editing photos needs a lot of time and I'm always very busy and sometimes even lethargic with a bad mood. But hey, here we are! See a lot of photos under the cut!

I made a lot of the photos by the "snake pond". Sometimes there's nothing to see, then all of a sudden the animals are dancing in front of me. Nature... Tsk ;)
Take a seat and grab some popcorn, let's start with a wonderful dragonfly, Cordulegaster bidentata, with a bad start being an imago. Actually, she will die soon because one of her wings doesn't grow as it should... So sad, I'm so sorry for that animal.

Let's stay by the dragonflies. I really like these kind of animals. So colorful, flying jewels.
Demoiselles are rare here in Switzerland. This one I found near the Lützelsee in Zurich.

But also common ones like Libellula quadrimaculata and Libellula depressa are nice to watch.

Spiders could also be beautiful, just saying.

Also Phyllobius pomaceus. A bug, so underestimated!

Insects in general are good subjects.

There was one single giant ant grossing my way. It was huge! Do you know something about such huge ants? Please, let me know.

Bugs and insects are all sweet and nice (unless blood suckers!), but scalies are the top! I don't see many blindworms, so I was very happy to see this one <3

This male sand lizards was also very cute...

But honestly, snakes are my favourites. E V E R !

These were all small ringsnakes.
So, and for the end, have some flowers. See ya next time!

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