Sonntag, 23. September 2012

Bone hunt

I haven’t been in the mountain forest for a while. With its cliffs and rocks these woods, which are also known as “Acherli forest”, are one of the coolest and most ethnic I know. But it’s exhausting to get there! I have to walk about 30 minutes before I even reach the forest borders. I’m often too lazy for that. Anyway, I got almost all of my self-found skulls from the Acherli forest - it is a real treasure chest.
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Next to the bone hunt I like to relax there. Often I stand between the trees listening to the sound of the wind and birds, breathing the fresh, musty air. I find my inner peace there. If you walk slowly through the paths with your eyes open, it’s easy to discover small beauties:

Some fire bugs sucking on a bud.

An earwig sleeps in its hideout.
Ok, more tree than something else: Nuthatch!
When I go to my beloved Acherli forest, I always visit some special points, because there’s always a chance to get some new bones. Take a bait place for example: There are always some bones to be found and so it was today. But nothing special, only some jaws. This bait place is next to an abyss so I have to watch my step. I guess the ground of that abyss has a lot of bones and skulls. Too bad that it is impossible to get there!

Fox bones.
I got unexpected company by my friend Corni today! When waiting for her by some rock cliffs I suddenly saw a special feather. I’ve never seen such a feather before, so I had to ask my trusted taxidermist for help: It is a tail feather of a cuckoo!

Cool, a real rarity!
After strolling only briefly trough the forest together we found a skull. It was a broken skull of a red fox. It looked like some other human pushed it away, so it torn to two pieces. I looked at the skull and realized that one canine was missing! The place where the canine normally sits was porous. Maybe the fox lost its canine long time ago and the wound healed? Or maybe it had some teeth issue? I don’t know.
I didn’t pick up that skull, so we left it where it was.

On our return path we found some teeth of a young stag. I went to the Acherli forest for those teeth in the first play, because I found the stag teeth already months ago. Back then it still had flesh on it, so I left it in the forest. Now the flesh is gone and some teeth as well. Bleh, maybe some other visitors found my stag jaw. Leaving half-rotten stuff back in the forest always involves some risks ;)
But it wasn’t a tragedy.

The moistly weather was ideal for mushrooms, which is why we encountered some very special-looking ones. Look, it has the shape of a star. That’s why we call it “earth star” in the German language. I don’t know the name in English, sorry.

It is a kind of a puffball.
Oh, I love the mountain forest! It is so beautiful and huge! But you have to go uphill all the time, *wheeze*. Next time I will explore the upper part of it, because there are some “bone spots” as well. Soon…

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