Sonntag, 9. September 2012

The circle of life

Do you remember the wasp spider of one of my previous entries? Well, it was raining very hard the last few days and I was a bit worried about her. After the rain stopped I went to look, but she wasn’t in her net. Yes, the net was still there, in a more or less good condition, but where was that fat monster?

The following days I went to her net again, but she still wasn’t there. I was sad, because it was self-evident that she was dead now. But then I got a brain wave: Maybe she laid some eggs and died after that?! I went to her net again, stared into the garden plants and suddenly it caught my eye! A big fat cocoon in a lavender bush! YAY! It looked like a Christmas ball ornament.

It was about 4cm big!
Oh, I hope the cocoon will survive the winter well so we will get to see many baby wasp spiders next year! I wish it to the baby spiders so hard <3
OMG I wanna hug them all!

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