Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2012

Rainbow foxes

Look what we got! The delivery of dyed fox pelts arrived earlier than I expected and I was all over the moon with them! Allowedly they aren't perfect foxes, they are "just" furs meant for further processing. So they all have lost their tail and sometimes an ear is missing, too. But have some more pictures under the cut!

I read an article about a smart little fur manufacture in a hunter magazine. It was a German manufacturer that designed all kinds of clotheing with fur: fur blankets, fur pompon hats etc. After a quick call I ordered several dyed fox pelts.

There's more than one way to dye a pelt. Often all hairs of the fur have the same color after dyeing, but there is also a method which only dyes the undercoat of the fur. Those dyed pelts are often way more expensive than the others. Look at those two furs.

The undercoat fur is dyed black but the top layer of fur has still it's natural color.
The face of the same pelt.
This one is very special!
The face of the red one. It has two layers of colors!
In case you were wondering: The foxes weren't from a pelt farm, they are from local hunters. Even I - as an animal liberationist and animal lover - am pro hunting. I think the hunters do an important job which is necessary nowadays.

Our fur corner.
Here you can see a part of our fur corner. There are furs and fur-products of rabbits, foxes, raccoon dogs and badgers. Now I hope that our clients like those colourful foxes like I do.

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  1. The furs are beautiful! I am looking to purchase some of the dyed fox furs, does the place that sell them have a website?

    please let me know!