Montag, 26. August 2013

The zoo of Zurich

A zoo is a zoo is a zoo - well in general. But I think the zoo of Zurich is very special, because almost all compounds are very naturally and spacious. Of course, there are some compounds which could be bigger and better, but the zoo is constantly planning a lot of new areas like a bigger house for the Indian elephants (opening 2014) and a big savannah region (opening 2020). I think there are a lot of well-maintained zoos in the world, but there is something very unique about the zoo in Zurich. Read more under the cut!

The zoo doesn’t show only animals, it is also active in several conservation projects. The main focus is to protect the rainforest of Madagascar called Masoala. The animals and plants of Madagascar are very unique and endangered. For to sensitizing the people about the endangered rainforest they build a very large green house with a real rainforest in it! It’s called the Hall of Masoala.

It’s huge – larger than a gym hall and there are two platforms in the top of the trees! But there aren’t only plants, there are also animals which are free to roam. Like tigers! No, I’m kidding ;)
You can explore a lot of colourful birds, fruit bats, lizards and, if you are a lucky person, lemurs!

Feeding of rodrigues fruit bats. These bats are on the red list of UICN!
I’m sorry for that crappy picture, but the red ruffed lemur moved very fast! These lemurs are very endangered in Madagascar.

The Madagascar day gecko is very bright and has some orange stripes on the back.

Since the animals aren’t in a special area or in a cage, your eyes and ears have to be open. Especially the chameleons are very hard to spot. But you have good chances if you aren’t alone in that jungle, so other people help to spot animals as well. And of curse, it is not allowed to leave the path!

Panther chameleon, male.

And the female.
Like in a real jungle the air is very humid and warm. If you want those vacation feelings in winter you could spend a whole day in there x3

 If you are in Zurich one time, you really have to visit the zoo. You won’t regret it! And after the zoo you can visit the zoological museum – it’s on the same route. But I think after the zoo you are exhausted enough xD

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