Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

There is a "must" in mustelidae

Actually it's a must-have ;)
When I moved in my new flat years ago I needed some new skulls. I think it's a female thing to need new things immediately. Well, I always wanted a least weasel skull so I ordered one from Germany. See more pictures under the cut!

Least weasels and stoats are quite cute animals but hard to spot. Only three times I saw one of these animals in my life and that only for a few seconds.
Least weasels vary in size and are between 11cm and 25cm long. That's quite a dimension, compare that to a 1.50 meter and a 3 meter sized human!
Well, since there are such size differences it's no wonder that there are bigger and smaller skulls. Mine is about 5cm long and comes from a bigger least weasel.

The hide is from a stoat.

Do you know H.R. Gigers aliens? In my eyes the skull has some similarities to them.

Stoats chance their fur in autumn and springtime. In winter they are white and in summer brown. But the black tail tip is always black and visible. Least weasels don't chance their fur nor do they have a black tail tip. Stoats tend to be bigger anyways, so it should be easy to tell these two mustelidaes apart.

 The robe of kings were often made of hundred of white stoats hides.

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