Sonntag, 9. August 2015

Pond Life Photo Post

Hello there! Summer was very hot so far. Too hot for strolling around, but also too hot for staying in the house though. But after some rainy days I found an opportune time (and the perfect temperature) to visit the ponds near the lake. A real Eldorado for dragonflies, frogs and other special creatures. Wanna see them? Then have a look under the cut!

To cut a long story short: I just show some photos today. I won't write a lot about them, because it's too hot for much blah. But now, let's start with some lovely arachnids. These animals were the real reason why I visited the ponds. But hey, I'm just babbling again!

The wasp spiders! Very beautiful and also endangered. The females grow very fat, because of the eggs in their bellies. The males are much smaller and thinner.
Even they are very colourful, they are not so easy to spot in the high grass. 

Another kind of spider which is very common around ponds.

There were lizards! I spotted this female with a tick on its shoulder.

There was also a smaller teenager lizard. So cute!

A rare sight in Switzerland nowadays: yellow-bellied toads! They are also very cute, because they are so tiny <3 After a while it was relaxed enough to let me do some close up shots.


 And of course a lot of other ribbit-creatures. A water frog in this case.

Two great diving beetles were hunting in one of the ponds. They are amazing! But people don't like these predator beetles in their ponds, because they use to eat a lot of fishes, baby newts and pollywogs. Greedy gluttons... ;)
I think the one of my photo is a Dytiscus latissimus, because it has some yellow parts on its wings. COOL!

A grasshoppa...

Well, and the above-named dragonflies! There are so many kinds of them. Here you can see a male damselfly (I think that's the English name of it, I'm not sure).

An older "cavalier" of a Libellula quadrimaculata. I think it's a female, but I'm not sure about this.

 The king of all dragonflies: Anax imperator!

A very beautiful but not very intelligent "Aeshna" was laying their eggs into a stump (and, thanks god, in other places in the pond).

 A Sympetrum danae.

A highlight were also two mating Orthetrum. They weren't that shy, so I had the chance to took some nice close ups.


And let's have an eye to the plants around the ponds as well. There were lot of blackberries. I don't like these berries a lot. I mean they are yummi and all, but they overgrow other plants very fast, like a pest.

 A unknown flower.

An arum. Strange flowers. Or are they flowers at all? I don't know, but they look awesome with these red berries.

 The End ;)

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