Sonntag, 10. April 2016

Ancient Chompers

Hello folks! Long time no see, eh? I have still pain in my hands, so there wasn't a chance to write some new entries, but today I'll give it a try.
I want to introduce you to my newest member of the collection, a fossil this time. But it isn't just an old animal part. It is from a very very VERY cool dinosaur... But more under the cut.

I was on a mineral trade fair a few weeks ago and I was looking for a very special piece. I wanted it so hard and now I got the chance to buy one - oh yeah!
But there were a lot of other cool stuff, too. Given the purse in the right size you even had the chance to buy a whole saber-toothed tiger skull or a ichthysaurus skeleton.
But I bought a small piece of a T-REX!

Look at the serrated part!

There were also some other "dinosaur" related stuff like mosasaur teeth and even some pliosaur teeth. I'm a bit miffed about myself that I didn't bought a pliosaur tooth, too. A bunch of small raptor and pterodactyl teeth were there as well. And some very beautiful carcharodontosaur teeth to a very stunning price! O.o
Sorry that I don't have photos of these pieces.

In the jaw of a tyrannosaur there are three different sizes of teeth. The biggest are called bananas, then the shortest there are incisors-like and the middle size is something in-between (maybe my tooth is that kind). A complete "banana" tooth (with the root) of a tyrannosaur could measures about 15cm and more (and will cost over 10'000 bucks by the way).
Like by a shark, t-rex' teeth were growing back it's whole life, so it never get blunt chompers.

Here you see the thooth of a mosasaur, spinosaur and t-rex. I'm also very proud of my spinosaur tooth <3

I'm looking forward to other mineral trade fairs in the end of the year. Maybe there will be some other treasures for me.

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