Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017

Phat Photo Post

Acronicta alni
Hello folks! Actually I wanted to write about my new achievement, but since that wouldn't fill a long post I will do that another time. I have so many photos of interesting animals I want to share! First I visited some ponds in my near, after I visited the Botanical Garden of Zurich (with my camera this time) and then I went hiking into the mountains. I put all three events together and fatten you with all these pictures. I hope you enjoy them. Now, under the cut you go!

Let's start with the ponds in my near. It was a warm but cloudy day and I expected a lot of dragonflies. But there weren't that much. My eyes were tired anyway so I only coucht a few fancy animals, like this amazing caterpillar of Acronicta alni!


I like the fly called "scorpion fly" (Panorpa communis). This is a male one and don't worry, it can't sting like a real scorpion. It will need that scorpion tail for mating.

There were a lot of different kinds of grashoppers and crickets, don't aks me about their names.

At least I got some dragonfly pictures. A little damselfly wasn't that shy like the others <3 Maybe it was scared to death...

Some mating damsels.

And a big dragonfly, I think it's a female Anax imperator, laying eggs.. That kind is the biggest kind of dragonfly here arround and very beuatiful.

And for the end a little bright bug.

So, that's was my day by the ponds nearby. Now let's heading forward to the pictures I took in the botanical garden. I wasn't there for the flowers, I was hunting for snakes! And I found one. It wasn't that long, about 35-40cm and pretty thin. But it's still a ring snake *goody goody*!!!!

There were plenty of frogs! Water frogs and, I think, grass frogs. I'm not sure, but I never saw such spotted frogs before.

A little babyfrog, it was so tiny! Adorable <3

Now I got my dragonflies, but I think they found me interesting as well. So interesting, that one of them landed on my pants xD

There were different kinds of dragonflies. Have some Orthetrum cancellatum.

And now the blood red Sympetrum sanguineum.

Now let's go to the mountains. I love the mountains! The landscape, the views, the flora and fauna - so different! We went to the Göschenen water reservoir. A nice little trip, not that hard. We didn't see any big wild mammals or eagles and such, but there were a lot of beautiful butterflies.

Also some caterpillars. The first one is unknown, the other is the caterpillar of a swallowtail.

It doesn't matter where I go, there will be frogs x3
I think it's a gras frog as well.

In my eyes the alpine flora is one of the most beautiful and unique ones in the world. I wish these kind of flowers will grow in my pots.

And for all people who doesn't live near the mountains, here some pictures arround the Göschenen water reservoir. Worth a trip, if you once visit Kanton Uri.

If you made it so far: have a cookie. ;)
I'm done, I need a break of editing pictures. I hope you enjoyed that post. I'm up for new adventures!

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