Samstag, 10. August 2019

A rainy Day outdoors

I'm not the one you will see outdoors when it's raining, but sometimes you should also go for adventures when the weather is wet. It was still a warm summer day and with good clothes rain is no problem at all. And you will see, there's another world when everything is wet. Strange animals come out of their hides and the air smells so good! Let me show you what I explored.

The valley where I come from is a mix between recultivated and cultivated areas. Next to the autobahn there's a wild brook with a whide steambed. There's also a straightened river but with parts where it can be almost natural. I'm happy that people see that nature is something precious and need our protection, so there's no wonder that you find wild animals in areas you don't expect them. Like this little alpine salamander Salamandra atra. Had to rescue it from the cycle path, which was also next to a little stream and some bushes. Heck, that's a rare animal! It was the third time I saw such a salamander.

Here some landscapes you can find next to each other. To my left was the recultivated brook, to my right was the straightened river.

Well, my journey brought me to some ponds next to a forest - the home of the wasp spiders.

I love pond life! So much to explore! Like yellow-bellied toads and frogs.

There was also a little ringsnake, but it was too fast for me and my camera. Have some insects and flowers instead.

After quite a time I went further to the lake where I found some fishes. A baby pike (about 10cm long) was washed ashore. So sad, it looked so beautiful.

While staring in the water I saw some big fishes. I don't know what kind it is, maybe carps?

Well, I had a wonderful day - even with rain! I don't take these sights for granted, so I really appreciate them so much <3

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