Freitag, 20. Oktober 2023


While you can find mushrooms almost during the whole year, autumn is their main season. In my area we didn't have as much rain as usual this year, so the soil was very dry for September and October. And with dry soil no mushrooms. But somehow, in the darker parts of the woods and by moist meadows some fungi managed to emerge :)

I don't have many pictures to show, there were just not many shroomies for me in the forest. So there is just a little photo post at all.

 The shapes and sizes can vary a lot, but I simply love the common shape of mushrooms the most.

I'm very into mushrooms, I love mushrooms! I draw them, I eat them, I craft with them - but I don't know many of them. Actually a shame. I only know the common ones like the puffballs.

The actual mushroom lives in the ground and is called mycelium. It's like a thread and grows a whole network underground! Some even conect with trees for nutrition exchange. The mushrooms we see growing out of the soil are just fruiting bodies, giving off spores.

The hidden world of mushrooms and fungi is mysterious and so fascinating! I hope to see many more this year and maybe you start to look out for them too by your next stroll outdoors. Have a good time!

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