Sonntag, 4. November 2012

The lions are coming!

An exhausted lioness next to her kill. Kruger park.
Lissom and graceful. Powerful and dangerous. Yes, that’s the nature of lions and that’s why I love them. On my Africa journey I got the chance to see two of them. I was also lucky to hear them roaring in the evening – it was amazing! At home I have my own little “pride” and today I want to introduce it to you. See more under the cut!

Some day, many years ago it just struck me out of nowhere. I wanted something large. I wanted a predator. I wanted a lion skull! I grabbed the phone book and searched for taxidermists in my area. I called them one by one but they all didn’t have a lion skull. Some of the taxidermists told me that it would be very expensive to get one and that it would be very difficult, too. But I’m a though cookie and kept calling other taxidermists. Eventually I found a pensioned taxidermist who had still a few skulls left. And among them it was a lion skull! The animals came mostly of zoos and died long before I was born. He sold me that skull – it was a real snip! I was soooo happy! This skull was (next to my wolf) the first very large and exotic predator skull in my collection. YAY!

The skull is about 30cm long.
By the way: It was a female lion. I hope she had a pleasant life.
The skull is very massive.
Biiiiiiig canines!
Next to the skull I own a real lion claw. Maybe you read about it in my earlier post “Talons and claws”. The claw is bent, very large and a real dangerous instrument…I would’t want to feel one of those on my body.

On my (incredibly) long wish list is also a lion’s pelt. A rug for the floor, you know. Sadly I havem’t found an affordable one yet. But I own a little frazzle of lion fur! The fur is so soft and smooth, like it should be! Oh, I’m so happy about this little piece of fur <3

Yeah, lions are very impressively animals. I really want to see them again. In Africa...

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