Freitag, 9. November 2012

The winter fox

What a handsome fox with a bushy tail!
Actually I’m not so into fur collection but that fox pelt was love at first sight. We sell a lot of hides in the shop where I work: foxes, badgers, sheep, cows, rabbits etc. Sometimes you can find some extraordinary furs like springbok or chamois. But why just this fox pelt set my feelings on fire? Read the story under the cut.

It was Christmas time in 2011 and the hardest part of being a salesperson was almost over. I was on the way to the cash desk but on the way I checked the fur corner. I stopped suddenly, because that fox pelt was a real  eye-catcher! The fur was so thick, soft and of a wonderfully colored – I just had to touch it. In my list of favourite animals the red fox shared the first place with the great white shark. But I didn’t buy that hide immediately. Instead I constantly kept an eye on it and hoped that someone else doesn’t buy it. One time the pelt was hanging behind the cash desk near to me xD

Thick and soft winter pelt.
A few days before New Year’s I couldn’t resist any longer and so I finally bought that hide. Thankfully I have employee discount because it was more expensive than a fox hide from Ebay. But seriously, my fox pelt looks perfect. Our fox pelts come from local hunters, so it isn’t a given that they look like first class!

Perfect nose with whiskers.
The colors are wonderful and the ears are like velvet!
In winter I put my fox pelt over my legs to warm them. Oh, there is nothing like a thick winter pelt <3 Gosh, that fur is so beautiful! Too bad that such a handsome fox had to be shot… But I cherish my fox pelt and hope that it will be in a good condition for many years.

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  1. I'm not much of a fur collector either, but this fox is beautiful. Once I saw a white wolf pelt that was absolutely breathtaking, and I wish I would have just gone ahead and bought it! Great blog by the way, I found it through "jakes bones". I'll be back! Your recent dog skull is so neat.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment and I'm glad you like my blog :)
      Oh, a wolf pelt - that would be so awesome! Such a pelt is on my wish list, too.