Samstag, 22. März 2014

Crafting with bones

As some people know I love to do handicrafts and I’m a very creative creature. Sometimes I mix my taxidermy hobby with the artistic one and so I create cool stuff with bones or teeth. I want to show you some of that work of mine under the cut.

Nowadays the web is full of people who love to collect bones and things. One of my friends calls these people “the taxidermy scene”. It’s good to know other people who like my hobby and doing handicrafts, too. But sometimes I think there is disturbing stuff out there. When I craft with skulls and bones I often think about that dead animal. It isn’t only a working piece for me, because it lived once. So I still respect the animal or plant parts in my art. But enough with the preaching.

I was about twenty years old when I had to learn how to craft a dreamcatcher. It wasn’t that easy to do, but on the contrary it was easy to lose every single nerve... But now I’m very skilled.
This was my first dreamcatcher combined with a wind chime. It hung in my room when I still lived by my parents and at one night it fell down to the ground. I was so shocked about the noise xD It’s made of chicken and rabbit bones (I guess). Now it hangs somewhere in America, I traded it for two skulls.

Some more dreamcatchers. I have done so many… Oh, the one with the buzzard skull is up to trade, but I ship it only within Europe.

"Gletscherträne", one of my favourites. Beech marten skull, rock crystal beads and other gem stone beads, chicken feathers.

Buzzard skull, bone beads and sparrowhawk feathers.
Even if I don’t wear a lot of jewellery I like it to create some. Women like jewellery, don’t they?
This is my favourite necklace. It’s made of fox teeth, real silver beads, onix, moonstone, cairngorm and the usual glass beads. Yeah, I like to work with the good stuff ;)

The marten skull which I found in the shrubbery (I wrote about it here) found a place on a canvas. Normally I don’t draw with acrylic colors, but I gave it a try. It turned out not that bad, but I’m not so happy with it either. I will sell or trade this picture as well.

The work of other people inspires me to craft more of such things. Do you know Forest Fern Creations? It’s a nice and fancy tumblr blog. Go and visit her!

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