Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Here it goes (photo post)

Coltsfoot, a lovely flower which blooms early in the year.
I’m a bit lazy these days, I’m not up to write much about anything. Maybe it’s because I’m snorting and coughing around like... like, eh... yeah, you know…
Still, there are some happenings and pictures I wanted to share, so I will post and write something about them instead of introduce a new skull. So, if you are not bored by now, please read more under the cut.

In February my mum found some nice red deer tracks by the river. It was at a place I usually don’t visit that often, so I was surprised. Thank god I had my gypsum with me, so I did a cast. Well well… I’m such a pro when it comes to handicraft things, I only use the good stuff (ye know). I have a very cool gypsum which dries very fast, BUT only when there’s about 20°C degrees ambient temperature. It was a biiiiit colder out there, so we waited far too long for that cast to dry - stupid me. But now I have a cool cast of a red deer hoof print and gained one valuable waiting experience more (yeah, I’m such a pro xD).

Now, when the weather starts to be warmer and sunnier I check out the ponds more often. Some frogs just left their spawn in there and the people from the local nature protection group have built “amphibian fences” around the pond and the streets. That’s a cool thing, because these animals need our protection.

After an eternity I was gifted to see a newt larva (I’m not sure how to name it right)! The last time I saw a newt larva I was about 8 years old.

It looks so cute <3
It was quite big, about 4cm long. The "tuft" on its head are its gill.
And suddenly I spotted hundreds of them! There were sooo small, freshly hatched. First I thought these animals were pollywogs.

Oh, the first lizard I saw this year – and a pretty big one at that. It was in a bucket, which was buried in the ground (that belonged to the amphibian fence). But there was a stick so it was able to climb out if it wanted to.

Strange feet.
A female common wall lizard.
There was also a millipede in one of the other buckets. Nice.

I also checked out the big pond complex. There I saw three old geezers checking out the yellow grass. “What the heck are they doing there?!” I thought. One of them was holding a plastic bag filled with beige stuff. It seemed that these people collected something. I think I scared them off with my views so I checked out the place where they were “browsing”. I had to watch very carefully and suddenly I spotted it: cocoons of the wasp spider! They were collecting the cocoons! Why?! It’s a nature-sanctuary here, so you are not allowed to collect living animals at all! I sure hope these people know what they do with those, otherwise I would be very sad and angry…
Heh, but know I know a place where I can watch some wasp spiders. I hope there all still a lot in summer <3

Yeah, I think I’m done right now. I see forward to a warm and sunny springtime and SNAKES! Oh, I miss my little friends so much <3

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