Freitag, 9. September 2016

Summer Summary

September started but it's still like summer outdoors. I don't like to stroll arround when it's too hot. On those occasions I prefer to enjoy the beach or stay in the house instead. Anyhow, it's been a while since I wrote a new entry, so here you got a few pictures of animals and findings. Under the cut you go!

I went to the ponds, visiting the dragonflies and frogs. Man, it was too hot that day :P I didn't have the patience to stalk the animals...

Libellula quadrimaculata
Some kind of Coenagrion. The females were laying their eggs into the water.
A female of the Aeshna familiy. also laying eggs into the wather.
There were a lot of baby newts!
Water frogs are shy animals, but sometimes they relax and enjoy to stay into the spotlight :)
A lot of different dragonflies inhabit these ponds. Here are two exuviae of Aeshna.
Even it was still hot in the evening, my Fennel and I went to the near lake Lützelsee, just to say hello to the following creatures:

The big and very beautiful caterpillar of the Saturnia pavonia.
Also very huge but not quite as beautiful (but still a beauty in my eyes) the larva of Hydrous piceus. A very rare sight, because these beatles are endangered! WOOT! I wanted to take it home... 
Grey goose. There were a lot of these noisy fellas.
There were also water fowl in Rapperswil. I visited this place right before a storm started - ha ha ha... Well, I made it home dry though.

What would the shore of Rapperswil be without these bald coots <3
These young great crested grebes are greedy gluttons... But they look tres shic!
Fat fishes everywhere! I don't know what kind it was.
Summer is also the time of moulting. I found a lot of duck, swan and gull feathers on the beach.

Feathers of: black headed gull, mute swan, mallard duck, chaffinch and Larus michahellis.
I also had a very lucky day! Fennel and I wandered over the fields, visited the age-old oak trees and the hedges. We found a lot of bussard, crow and even red kite feathers! What a day!!!
And, last but not least, a big thank to all of my friends who bring me dead stuff <3 You guys rock!

Mummy of a very young lizard.
Well, even it's still hot I will enjoy my spare time. I hope we will have a wonderful warm autumn with a lot of mushrooms, golden leaves and skulls <3

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