Sonntag, 26. Mai 2019

Spring Impressions Mai 2019

Hoka hey folks! Long time no see. I'm sorry for the lack of blog entries, but my life is very stressful at the moment and I have an injured foot, so that's actually my first spring stroll this year. Spring is very cold this year, the month May acts more like April, the weather is pretty unstable. I hope it will be warmer soon, it's better for the baby birds. So, but now let me show you the lovely animals I saw.

The bird on the picture above is a little grebe. They tend to nest in the reed. The great crested grebe is also one who likes to nest in the reed.

The river delta, the surrounding marshland and the shore of the lake itself is a perfect place for a lot of birds. I saw a lot of mallards with chicks - so cute! I can't help myself, but when I see little cottony baby birds my heart melts immediately <3

The moorhen with its red spot on the head was sitting on its nest too. The male patroled in front of it. The nest wasn't surrounded by water, so I hope no fox or cat will find it.

Butterflies are also called "summer birds". I enjoy their uncongested dance in the air and their colors. The picture shows a mourning cloak, a big butterfly which lives near woods.

But let's go back to the water. As you may know I love ponds and the dweller of them. I was a lucky dog to spot some yellow-bellied toads! They are rare here. These kind of toads are small and between all the green hard to spot. They also have a very cool voice!

There were also some "normal" frogs. also lovely critters with nice patterns.

In the ponds were also great diving beetles! I counted four of them - two males and two females. They were double-deckers and celebrated their wedding x3
Sorry for the bad quality, they swam fast and came to the pond surface only for a few seconds.

After mating the female strated to lay the eggs somwhere in the pond, it was very active and fast. The male was hanging at the surface.

I also saw a larva of the great diving beetle, but couldn't take a picture of it.
A lot of people don't like this kind of beetle, because they eat fish and polliwogs. Especially the larvae are hoggish. But there's nothing wrong with them, they only do what they must. In a fish pond are often too many fishes anyway and not less are weakened, so they are easy prey. And if there aren't much polliwogs it isn't the fault of these bugs, it's the fault of us humans! We have to take care about pond life and toads and frogs. There's so much wrong with our behavior!

At warm places are often lizards like these two wall lizards. I don't know why one of them is biting the other xD

Spring brings flowers! Eyecandies everywhere <3 I wish you all a nice warm spring with a many findings. Have a good time!

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