Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2019

Under the Water...

Hello folks! Today I take you to a place under the surface. I take you to a cold, wet place. A world, so close to ours but still so fascinating unknown. Okey, maybe I'm overdraw it a little, but I went snorkeling today and took my waterproof outdoor camera with me. I took underwater photos for the first time! WAAAAHHH!!! See them under the cut!

Well, I have to admit: it is hard work to get some proper pictures under water. First of all you have to find something interesting, in my case I was up for fishes. Then was it impossible to watch through the display and the fishes were moving all the time, especially when I came near them.
Anyhow, I made the fishes curious with my pure presence (I think they liked my shiny cord which held the camera on my wrist). I also found out that when I swirled the ground a bit the fishes came closer, looking for tasty snacks. So I managed it to make some nice shots. For my first time under water with a camera I'm very happy what I got. I hope I can visit the lake again soon <3

The striped ones are perches. The on on the first photo is unknown to me but it was around the perches all the time. I'm not so familiar with fishes ^^"

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