Samstag, 10. August 2019

Under the Water - again!

Had the chance to get under water again. At the same place, because there are always some perches around. Perches in all sizes! And they aren't that shy at all, are used to swimming people. That makes it easy for me to get used to my underwater camera. The water was clear and the sun shone bright - perfect conditions! More pictures under the cut!

I'm still very clumsy when it comes to focus under water, can barely see something on the display. So I have to count on my luck. But I landed some nice shots that day. Please, enjoy.

I love this one (above), because the colors of the fishes are so bright and shiny. Raawwrrr, tiger stripes! Each fish has its unique pattern. And, also very cool, the dorsal fin ot the perch is erected. Like a boss!

I see forward to get some warm/hot days before autumn so I can swim with the perches again <3

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