Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012


Due to time constraints I only have a small post today. But I think this little bone piece deserves to be mentioned as well.
Recently I’ve spent my free day with my parents. There, by the mountains, ponds and forests, time flies very fast. Soon it was time to go back to the train station, but I still had ten minutes left. So I did what I always tend to do in situations like this: Sneaking around! More under the cut.

Next to our balcony is a small thorn hedge. There the cats often hide to eat their prey, because the thorns “protect” them while eating. So I checked it for leftovers. After a while I wanted to give up but suddenly a small piece of bone caught my eyes: It was a partially broken mouse skull!

A third-class find, I know. But I took it home anyways. The teeth of the mouse skull told me, that it was a vole. Maybe it was a young one, because this skull piece is only 1.5cm long. I have much bigger vole skulls in my collection. But maybe it was just a small type.

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