Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

The roadkill

Today I want to write about a small, inconspicuous skull I got from my trusted taxidermist. The skull was pretty damaged so he didn’t need it anymore. So I glued the jaws together and using a steady hand I glued back the teeth as well. I never saw a skull like this before so I thought it was a kind of marten. But that was wrong, because it was actually a specific kind of cat! Please read more under the cut. 

My taxidermist got that skull from a friend who travelled around in Spain. One night his friend accidentally hit an animal on the road and took it with him. I don’t know if this act was legal but the animal he killed wasn’t endangered. It was a genet (Genetta genetta)!

Normally this kind of civet lives in Africa, but humans brought them to Europe so they made themselves home in Portugal, Spain and France as well. It’s unbelievable but true: Some people own genets like normal pets although they are very shy and nocturnal animals. Like foxes they can live near urban areas with no problems. And genets are very skilled in climbing trees, using their long tail for balance.

Here’s a comparison between the genet skull and a domestic cat skull. The skull of the cat looks more rounded and stronger than the genet skull.

And now in comparison with a marten skull.

Irrespective of the damages I really like my genet skull. I think not a lot of people own such a skull so I’m quite happy!

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