Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

My timber wolf hide

Canis lupus lycaon
I mentioned it already, I’m not into furs, pelts and rugs, but a real wolf hide was on my wish list for quite some time though. This wish sprouted about two or three years ago, when I was reading a lot of wolf novels. Yes, the wolf always was one of my favourite animals so I love to read stories about it. I googled around the internet but there weren’t any good pelt offers at all. There were either dusty hides or very expensive furs. More about the story and a bunch of pictures under the cut!

A new wolf hide is very expensive. Chinese people seem to love wolf products so they push the prices up. I found very beautiful arctic wolf hides by a Canadian seller who also sells skulls. There I saw a very low priced walrus skull so I took that skull instead of a wolf hide – yay for persistence xD But I still wanted a wolf hide, so after a year and a lot of saved-up money later I discovered a Canadian trapper who also offered older hides with some scarcities. These older hides were low priced so I chose one of them.

The trapper was a nice guy and after a few mails I made my decision. Postage and custom charge were very expensive, but I chose express delivery though because that way I made sure that I would get it in one week - but I didn’t receive it! I was up in arms, mailed my sorrows to the trapper. It was a few days before Christmas so my wolf hide had delay of so many packages which are sent these days. So I did panic around for nothing (as usual).
It was Saturday December 22nd as I fetched my wolf hide at the post office. I was so excited that I opened the package directly on the train station xD (because I have to work on Saturdays). It was the same day when the rainbow foxes arrived (you can read their story here).

Wolf vs Fox. From the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail the wolf measures 190cm!

I think my wolf has a beautiful pattern and just one claw is missing. The fur is soft. Not as soft like my fox fur but still soft enough. Unfortunately the head piece got stiff due to the tanning and it had some rips. I brought the wolf hide to my trusted taxidermist later and he fixed it, yay!

Now I just need a lion hide, then I’m happy xD

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