Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

Rambling through the world of ponds

Grass frog.
Small animals and plants are often hidden but they still catch my eye very often. A lot of them are very common, yes, but for me they are special little beauties. I took a lot of photos from my last stroll and I want to share these pictures with you. Actually I wanted to see ring snakes but they weren’t there, but fortunately there were a lot of other animals and plants by the ponds I visit regularly, so I wasn’t that sad. But enough babbling, enjoy more under the cut!

Live was scurrying around and inside the ponds, first of all a lot of polliwogs. I can’t discern the different species, especially when they are freshly hatched.

It’s all happening here, man!
The polliwogs of the grass frog family are spotted.
The main big mating party of the European toads was already over, but there were still some toads left in the ponds - some of them with a male on their back.

There was an empty exuviae of a dragon fly in one of the ponds. Look at these nasty fangs on the close-up picture.

Alpine newts everywhere! The males are spotted and smaller than the females.

As you know by my earlier post, snails aren’t just existing on land: Lymnaea stagnalis.

Next to the water residents were also common wall lizards.

What would the world be without flowers?! There were a lot of forget-me-nots.

And this stinking flower is a speciality: An arum! These flowers don’t grow everywhere.

Ah, I love spring time, especially during the warm days. I hope I can snatch some more photos of interesting animals and flowers!

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